Reddening Rapidly

It seems the plums are doing well everywhere in Newburgh this year, with reports of laden branches and nice colouring up. Everywhere, that is, except in the community orchard … Why? we can’t figure it out. But of course, with a bit of concentrated sunshine, that could all change. This is a picture of the Community Orchard plums at the end of August last year – looking good. Maybe these last few weeks will make all the difference.2016-08-27 10.35.47

In any case, the date for the plum market date has been set: Saturday 2nd September – unless we have exceptional weather and faster ripening, in which case the date might be brought forward a week. Growers will be contacted in all the usual ways. Please bring your plums and other produce to Alysia Leyshon Richards’ home at 9 Gardens Road, on Friday 1st Sept, 6.30pm.

And this is our brand new NOG Blog. We’ll be posting articles on all aspects of orchard activity in Newburgh and beyond. Please get in touch, ‘like’ us and share us, and give us your comments. We are also on Twitter: @Newburgh.Fruit



2 thoughts on “Reddening Rapidly

  1. Unfortunately I do not have any damsons this year either. A poor year for my tree. Luckily I saved some from last year’s crop in my freezer and have made some damson jam in the past few days. That will have tide me over until next year……hopefully a much better year!


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