Newburgh Rampant

I’ve lived in Newburgh for less than a year and am astonished at the way the vegetation just burgeons. I’ve never lived anywhere this verdant. At the first plum market of the season last Saturday we took in QUARTER OF A TON of plums! There are at least two further opportunities to sell your plums and any other fruit, veg, jams and chutneys – so as before, please bring them to Alysia’s garage in Gardens Road, at the foot of Mason Street, Friday night about 6.45pm.

Just to encourage you to think laterally about what you might bring to market, here are a couple of photos from the recent Flower Festival:

2017-08-19 13.21.32.jpg

2017-08-19 13.28.02.jpg

And not forgetting …

2017-08-19 13.19.46.jpg

Wonky veg are all the rage so bring them on!

And finally, further to recent chat about damsons – we went a stroll down the Pow today and saw some positively pendulant examples. They could have been giant grapes, so purple and juicy they looked. However I tried one and – although I have a higDSCN2271h tolerance for sourness – had to spit it out. So will be interested to see if we have some rather less challenging samples this weekend.

So don’t forget – PLUM MARKET no. 2 THIS SATURDAY, 2nd Sept, 10am in St Katherine’s Square.



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