Water your plums!

Paul D plum in drought 2018

Many people are saying that, what with the cold winter and now the drought, Newburgh plums aren’t going to be putting on much of a show this year. Paul and Sheila have been assiduously watering their plum trees through the drought, and above shows the fruits close up. Small for the time of year, but already beginning to turn yellow. So they’re hoping they’ve saved at least something of a crop.

At NOGs AGM last night we were trying to predict a date for the plum market, but it’s too early to say. Even for a bad plum year. Provisionally, as always, it’s the last Saturday in August, i.e. 25th. Meantime though, there are a couple of things we want to share with you.

  1. If you have plum trees, please water them. You might think they don’t need watering, but they do. A lot! We had an extensive discussion last night around how much ‘a lot’ means. Oh, a fair bit, they all said. Loads. Eventually we agreed on the equivalent of four buckets of water per tree, per week. That’s about 60 litres per tree, per week. Surprised? I was.
  2. We’d really like to know how other people’s plum trees are faring. Members present last night were having a very mixed experience. Many of you bring plums to market in the early autumn. Could you get in touch with us please and give us an idea how yours are doing? Many thanks.

Leaving you with a nice image to inspire you. It’s not Newburgh though … it’s California! I believe they also have a strong reputation for fruit growing.

See the source image

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