Planning ahead for the Plums

IMG_0064.JPGDoes anyone remember the extra-special Plum Fayre in 2014? The usual plum market was supplemented by local organisations doing their own thing. A fun day was had by all, and all the organisations which took part made a bit extra for their funds. Five years on, we’re thinking to repeat this success, taking advantage of the fact that lots of extra people come to Newburgh each year specially for the plum market.

We’re inviting organisations to get involved. Do what you’re good at. Offer visitors something extra to do, see, taste or buy. Make a little cash, and have/give some fun along the way. No strings attached, no committee meetings to attend, no sweat. Just let us know please what you’re planning to do so that we can put the word around.

The date is Saturday 7th September, and depending on how many organisations want to get involved, this could be either a half or full day’s activities. RSVP to Gerben, our secretary, at